5 ways to grow your TikTok followers

Written by frtyfve Team

Keep an eye on the latest music trends - heard the same song across multiple videos? It may have gone viral. Click on the sound and see how many times it has been used. Create unique content using this recognisable song. This could be a short cover video, singing video or remix.

Upload videos on a daily basis - being consistent is key on TikTok as the algorithm rewards frequent users. Start by posting twice a week then increase to every other day. The more you post, the more likely one video will connect.

Hashtag! - It may not be cool on Instagram, but it is vital to reach new audiences on TikTok. Be sure to research the hashtags that are best suited to your content before posting. You cannot edit a caption on Tik Tok once the video is live! #foryoupage is a good place to start.

Perform duets - collaboration isn't just for Spotiy, work on a love video with a fellow indie artist (frtyfve can help match you up) and perform together via the duet function on TikTok to boost your reach.

Cross link your profile and content - share brand new TikTok’s on your Instagram and Facebook stories with a link to where your fans can view the full video. Promote your YouTube channel and Instagram in the linking function on your TikTok page to make yourself as accessible as possible to your new fans.

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