A&R Pick of the Week: Diamond Thug

Written by frtyfve Team

Hailing from Cape Town, Diamond Thug explore multiple genres on their debut album "Apastron", with influences from the likes of Ben Howard all the way to Beach House...

The band released their first number back in 2015, but their success sparked from their single "Sweet Return" (2017), which has gained 2.3M streams on Spotify alone.

Check out Diamond Thug on our New Music Daily playlist. 

Diamond Thug have been growing consistently since 2017

Despite gaining only 2% in direct followers over the past seven days, Diamond Thug have been growing consistently since the beginning of 2017. The four-piece band are also in the Instrumental's Top 50, with over six million playlist followers, after features on Afternoon Acoustic, Evening Acoustic, Evening Chill and eight other influential playlists (Instrumental).

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