Abbey Road Red partners with lyric speaker innovator Cotodama

Written by frtyfve Team

Abbey Road Studios’ innovation department has partnered with Tokyo’s lyric visualisation innovator Cotodama

Abbey Road Red, the music innovation arm of Abbey Road Studios, has announced its partnership with Cotodama Inc.

Cotodama’s software engine uses song structure and mood data to drive lyric visualisation and animation to its products. As reported by Music Week, Abbey Road Red will offer strategic, technological and business development support to Cotodama as part of a six-month program.

Explaining the partnership, Karim Fanous, innovation manager at Abbey Road Red, said: “With streaming, music services have been evolving at an astonishing pace. More music is available and more accessible than ever before, but lyrics haven’t kept up. We’ve lost the feeling of running our fingers over release artwork and reading the lyrics while listening, singing along or mouthing the words when we feel like it. The brilliant team at Cotodama are on a mission to evolve our lyrical experiences. Abbey Road Red explores the world’s most innovative technologies empowering music and culture. We are happy to partner with Cotodama as the company moves forward with new experiences and products for their lyric visualisation technology.”

Cotodama are set to launch their next flagship product in September

Alongside the partnership with Abbey Road Red, Cotodama will be creating YouTube lyric videos for artists on the Universal Music Group roster. Their next flagship product launch, the Lyric Speaker Canvas, displays lyrics onto a speaker which is disguised as two record sleeves. Bringing high-quality audio and visuals together, it is expected to launch in mid-September 2018.

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