Are shoppable music videos the future of fashion?

Written by frtyfve Team

Product placement and music have been friends for a long time. But are we ready to shop via music videos?

Over the last decade, product placement and music have become hand-in-hand. It’s an efficient way for brands to target a dedicated consumer base and it’s an additional and healthy income stream for artists and labels.

If anything, the model has been over-adopted. Take Lady Gaga’s ‘Telephone’ (2009) music video for example. Within the music video, Virgin Mobile, HP, Plenty of Fish (before Tinder was a thing) and Diet Coke all enjoy airtime as she breaks out of jail. Despite this common practice, no-one has made a business out of the idea of shopping directly through music videos. Until now!

Introducing, mysnapp.

The UK-based startup has launched its app on iOS and Android, which allows users to buy the clothes featured in music videos.

We found out that searching for your artists’ fashion online is a mish. Hours turn into days while you’re scouring the darkest corners of the web, aka fashion retailers, just to find that one special outfit that your idol wore," they state.

Users can type in the name of their favourite song, artist, genre, band or even outfit and the app will pull up results of the fashion, makeup and style items in the video.  

Mysnapp has just launched a partnership with TalentAI scouted artist Yxng Bane, in the video for his new single ‘Vroom’, which has picked up over 2.4m streams on Spotify. According to MusicAlly, using the app, Yxng Bane fans can pick up “a £309 logo vest; a £667 pair of Hyperdunk trainers or (if they’re on a budget) a £13 satin shirt, among other items worn in the video”.

Whilst Yxng Bane’s style may be a little out of your average wardrobe budget, mysnapp illustrates the appropriation of shoppable technology in music. Artists, labels and management already have brand partnership options available to them, but the rise of such technology will only fuel that process.

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