Artist Toolkit: 7 Essential Content Ideas to Promote Your Release

Written by frtyfve crew

7 ways to promote your release as an independent artist.

So, you’re an independent artist with 99 problems and keeping your social media up to date with fresh, engaging content is most definitely one of them. Worse still, you’ve just made a record that is FIRE, but you don’t really know how to promote it online. After all, you’re a musician not a digital marketer, right?

Well, fear-not. To help spark your imagination and bump up those all-important engagement rates, here’s 7 great content ideas that you can use to promote your release.

1. Behind the Scenes Footage

Documenting your creative process can be a great way for your biggest fans to become even more engaged in your work. Not only is this a fantastic opportunity for them to get to know the ‘real’ you better, but it also demonstrates your raw ability as a musician and artist. Check out this cool example from Slaves.

2. Acoustic/ Stripped-Back Version

Fans love to hear different versions of their favourite tracks. Filming and posting an acoustic version of your song is not only a great way to demonstrate your unfiltered ability, but it also tends to spark a huge reaction amongst your following! Here's a cool example from Lianne La Havas!

3. Collaborations

Collaborating with other notable artists is one of the best ways to generate new fans. These videos also garner massive view counts, as both fanbases watch. If you’re looking to grow your fanbase quickly, pick up the phone to the biggest artist you know and get this in the diary. Check out this collab between Ed Sheeran & Anne-Marie.

4. Interviews

In a similar way to ‘behind the scenes’ footage, interviews are a fantastic opportunity for you to elaborate on your creative processes. Moreover, this is perhaps your best opportunity to show your fans who you are and what you’re about. Here's an epic example from Kendrick Lamar & Rick Rubin.

5. Covers

Recording covers of your favourite songs is a fantastic way to make your music more discoverable and earn you new fans. In addition to this, your existing fanbase will get chance to hear your range of influences. Don’t forget, many of today’s biggest artists started out posting covers to YouTube.

6. Spotify Playlists

Curating a Spotify playlist comprised of your favourite songs or biggest influences can be an extremely effective way to engage your fanbase. To take this one step further, try making a collaborative playlist with another artist, curator or influencer. Music fans like to know what other artists are digging! Here's a great example from Bonobo.

7. Participate in Trends

Participating in current trends, such as the In My Feelings Challenge, is a great way to make yourself discoverable to a new audience. In addition to this, it shows your fans that you are current and don’t take yourself too seriously. Here's Dua Lipa getting involved.

So there you have it. 7 quick and easy ways in which you can promote your new release. Now go make it happen!

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