Boiler Room launching multi-genre streaming platform, 4:3

Written by frtyfve Team

Global online music broadcaster Boiler Room is launching 4:3, a new multi-genre streaming platform.

Well known for their DJ-set videos and live streams, Boiler Room is set to expand its operation into fashion, film, art and politics. The 4:3 platform will be shared with Boiler Room’s colossal global audience, which reaches 157 million people every month. 4:3 is expected to feature curated cultural video content, supported by events, screenings, live music, installations and DJ sets.

4:3 is the “Netflix of the underground"

“4:3, is for a culturally connected audience, the Netflix of the underground. 4:3 aims to expand gateways between image and sound by living across social channels, websites and physical spaces, filled by curated seasons and themes with a mix of archive and underground films, challenging the notions of high and low art.”

4:3 announcement

Elijah Wood, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Peaches and Jenn Nkiru have been announced as the first guest curators, which officially launched on 29th May. 4:3’s first original commision will be ‘Fleshback: Queer Raving in Manchester’s Twilight Zone’.

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