Camden set to lay Hollywood-style Music Walk of Fame

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Camden is set to lay a Hollywood-style Walk Of Fame in tribute to critically acclaimed musicians

Camden is to start laying a Hollywood-style Walk Of Fame in tribute to critically acclaimed musicians, who have passed through the London Borough. The Music Walk of Fame will stretch 1.3 miles, between two of Camden's most iconic venues, Koko and The Roundhouse. Whilst the first set of stones will be laid in the spring next year, it is thought that the project will take around 20 years to complete.

Lee Bennet, a music promoter and the founder of the project, explained: “After many years of teasing the project along, the timing is now right to move it forward as the team I have assembled are more than capable to deliver what will be a defining moment in music history now and in the future. Added to this the fact that we have an accommodating and progressive Council with very supportive councillors and officers as well as a proud local community, the timing felt right. There are so many levels and avenues with this project and I look forward to watching it all unfold”.

The campaign will also include the development of an augmented reality smartphone app, allowing visitors to interact with the stones and Camden's music history. Each tribute will unlock documentary style music content.

Camden councillor Jonathan Simpson shared his thoughts on the project: “Throughout Camden’s history the borough has been the stomping grounds for many well-known members of London’s creative communities. The international Walk Of Fame project will celebrate this rich legacy by highlighting the accomplishments of some of the musicians, artists and prominent industry innovators connected with Camden’s vibrant creative heritage”

Whilst the names of those set to be honoured on the Camden Walk of Fame are yet to be announced, it is known that they will be chosen by music industry figures and fans. “Hollywood has over 2,500 stones, so it becomes less about kudos and more of a PR exercise. Whereas ours is voted for by an international committee of 40 industry professionals and the public,” Bennet explained.

For more information, check out the website here.

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