Chinese censors cut gay scenes from Bohemian Rapsody

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Chinese viewers have been outraged after scenes with gay references are cut from Bohemian Rhapsody

Chinese viewers are outraged after Chinese authorities scrubbed 10 scenes with gay references from the Oscar-winning bio-pic Bohemian Rapsody. The movie, which explores the life of Queen and their legendary frontman Freddie Mercury, has already made more than 50 million yuan ($8m) in Chinese box office revenues since opening on Friday.

Domestic viewers have been incensed after 10 scenes with gay references were cut from the version being shown in Chinese cinemas. At least three minutes worth of scenes, including a close-up of Rami Malek who plays Freddie gyrating, are missing. One commentator on Chinese platform Weibo said "in effect it feels like the whole movie has been cut, though in reality it's only a three-minute cut."

"The film itself is not trying to highlight anything, but when we deliberately make deletions, it makes these things sensitive," another added. According to Reuters, the China Film Administration did not immediately reply to a request for comment.

China has a thriving gay scene in some cities. While homosexuality is not illegal, activists say that conservative attitudes have spurred occasional government clamp-downs alike to this.

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