Coffee vinyl: add water and this 12" turns into black coffee

Written by frtyfve Team

Imagine being able to turn your favourite record into a beverage... introducing, the coffee vinyl.

To promote the launch of their new triple strength coffee, Peter’s Cold Brew has executed a sensational campaign. This new coffee, nicknamed ‘Liquid Cocaine’, is at the centre of their “Blacker than Black” campaign, which aims to deliver an unforgettable multi-sensory experience.

“To do justice to such an impressive product, we came up with the concept - Blacker than black. Blacker than... matching with your dad on tinder. Or even blacker than... a vinyl record made out of dying unicorn sounds. So that’s exactly what we did.”

With ad agency, McCann Prague, the company has teased the first-ever vinyl pressed from coffee, which features four heavy metal tracks, with titles like ‘Ballad For A Dying Unicorn’ and ‘Swiped Right For Dad’. With a touch of dark chocolate for flavour, the “fully function” vinyl turns into a cup of coffee when mixed with water. There was me thinking you couldn’t beat an edible necklace.

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