Could Spotify become a mobile service provider?

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A reported in-app survey suggests that Spotify could be considering a surprise move to become a service provider.

It has become pretty normal for surveys to pop up when you’re using an app. It is a decent source of feedback for the app provider and it doesn’t take much time to complete. However, a recent survey shocked Spotify users, posing a question about a hypothetical Spotify mobile service.

Android Police first reported a user being asked: “Imagine that Spotify offered a mobile-only data plan (i.e without normal voice calls and text) for $30 a month, which included unlimited 4G data as well as a subscription to Spotify premium. How likely would you be to switch from your current mobile phone plan to this Spotify data-only plan?”

Spotify has already partnered with mobile service providers in the past

Whilst Spotify has already teamed up with mobile service providers to offer bundle deals to customers, it has never entered the service provider market. Combining mobile service provision with streaming has been an effective model for user growth. However, it is not yet clear how a hypothetical Spotify mobile plan would be sold.

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