Crucial DSP Advice

Written by frtyfve Team

Each week, a different member of the frtyfve team will be updating you on the latest information from their specialist field and how you can make the most of this! First up, our DSP Manager, Rachel:

Over the past few weeks of working at home, I have listened to more music than ever! After reading what Deezer’s VP of Marketing said in this interview last week I would encourage artists to get creative! Keep releasing music and try something new!

This is not only a great time to drop new music, but also a time to revitalize your catalogue of music.

Consider re-working or remixing old songs, getting new features on your best performing tracks - potentially in a different language to really expand your audience! I have seen a massive increase in playlisting of acoustic covers and acoustic/chill versions of original songs. People are seeking an escape from the daily monotony of staying inside - and they are chilling out listening to acoustic music!

Keep active, off DSPs!

Whether you are live streaming, conquering TikTok or collaborating with other artists - it is important to still pitch a compelling story to stores. Normally this would be full of tour, press & radio information - but we can still work together to cherry-pick the most unique selling points of your track.

If you want to give any of these ideas a go - frtyfve can help! Download the App and DM @rachel for next steps!

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