Deezer's Advice to Artists in Lockdown

Written by frtyfve Team

Should streaming-heavy acts consider sticking with their current schedule?

“There is literally a captive audience for new music - while there was a dip in streams at the beginning of the lockdown, mostly due to changes of habit and demand for news, the [global] streams are recovering”.

Do users want new music right now?

“While ‘Commuting’ playlists might have suffered, we’ve seen our ‘Home Office’ playlist surge to number one with an increase of over 800%.... people will always seek out a bit of both.”

Will Deezer work with artists to help them in the current crisis?

“We’re still planning promotional campaigns and remain fully committed to all of our label partners. We’ve created a Stay at Home channel and we’re working with artists all over the world to produce exclusive content for this.”

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