Spotify acquires minority stake in DistroKid

Written by Asha Badale

Last month, frtyfve reported that Spotify surprised the music world announcing that independent artists would be able to upload their music directly onto the streaming platform. Industry figures were quick to emphasise the flaw in such a plan: does an artist want to solely upload to one platform, neglecting important players including Apple Music, TIDAL and Deezer?

As of this week, this pitfall no longer stands. Spotify has invested in DistroKid, through which over 250,000 artists distribute their music, meaning independent artists will be able to upload their music direct to all distribution services.

What does this mean for record labels?

If artists can upload to major platforms without a third party aggregator or record label involved, will such organisations become redundant? Well, in an era where over 20,000 tracks are uploaded to Spotify each day, label services or indeed distributors such as AWAL help artists cut through the noise: playlist pitching and marketing are key factors of a track’s success. The markets are constantly changing, but fundamental practices within the industry will certainly remain.

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