Drake is the biggest artist in Spotify and Apple Music’s history, generating over $115m

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A new report illustrates that Drake is the biggest artist of all time on Spotify and Apple Music

According to a new MBW report, Drake has generated over $100m through Apple Music and Spotify. This weekend, Apple confirmed that Drake has become the first artist to surpass 10 billion lifetime streams on Apple Music.

MBW report that across his 168 track catalogue, Drake’s has picked up over 13.018 billion charting streams to date on Spotify. Charting streams reflect the daily streaming cap that individual users can contribute towards charts statistics in a 24 hour period. Whilst it is likely that Drake’s total streams are much higher than this, the 13 billion figure still makes him the biggest artist in Spotify’s history, with Ed Sheeran trailing on 9.084bn.

Drake has generated over $100m on Spotify and Apple Music

MBW suggest that Spotify’s per-stream payout is around $0.005 per stream, with 56% of its users on its ad-funded free tier. Whereas, Apple Music, which does not have an ad-funded free tier, is projected to be closer towards $0.007 per stream.

With these estimations considered, by setting a $0.005 average per-stream payout, Drake’s 23 billion charting streams across both platforms will have earnt him over $115m.

MBW add that industry sources believe that his true lifetime global stream count is closer to 19bn, which will have generated closer to $145m on the streaming services to date.

With features on 1,695 influential playlists, Drake has picked up over 2.4 million new playlist followers this week, taking his total to over 236 million. Also gaining over 300,000 new artist followers this week, his direct Spotify following has grown to over 23.4 million (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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