Facebook announces music licensing deal with ICE

Written by frtyfve Team

Facebook has announced a licensing deal with ICE Services to support the ongoing development of music rights on the platform.

ICE was established by PRS, STIM and GEMA as a copyright database and licensing group. It currently operates over 31 million online music licenses globally. The deal follows the agreements Facebook has made with the likes of Universal Music Group, Sony/ATV and Kobalt Music Publishing.

The ICE deal with Facebook aims to ensure that rights holders receive compensation for the use of their music. Covering Facebook, Instagram, Oculus and Messenger, it will provide online music licensing for over 290,000 rights holders across 160 territories. It is understood that WhatsApp has not been included in the deal as it is predominantly used as a private messaging service.

Whilst Facebook has begun to secure deals with labels and licensing bodies to ensure music on the site is legally covered, it is yet to announce the creation of its own music based service. As it strives to develop as a content-based platform, rather than a controversial news aggregator, it will be interesting to monitor the role that music plays.

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