Facebook launches Musical.ly rival Lip Sync Live

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Facebook has launched Lip Sync Live as it continues to push Facebook music integration

Facebook has unveiled Lip Sync Live, which could play out to be a rival to Musical.ly. The new feature will be tested in select markets as Facebook advances its music integration.

"With Lip Sync Live, you can express yourself with music from a variety of genres in real time. So whether you prefer songs like 'Happier' by Ed Sheeran or 'God's Plan' by Drake, Lip Sync Live lets you bring friends and family into spontaneous musical moments," Facebook's press statement.

Facebook has been securing music licensing deals in recent months

Facebook users will be able to access the lip-sync function by selecting songs on their live streams. The launch follows a string of music licensing deals which Facebook has secured in recent months, as it looks to grow the use of music on the platform.

In a blog post, Facebook’s Head of Music Business Development & Partnerships, Tamara Hrivnak and Head of Product, Music & Rights, Fred Beteille, said:

Together with the music industry, we are working to enable people around the world to include music in their videos on Facebook, opening up more options for creativity and sharing memories with friends and family. We’re testing this in several markets now and look forward to making it available more broadly soon.

The blog post concluded, "we’re exploring more ways to bring music to Facebook. In the coming months, we’ll start testing options for adding the music you love to Facebook Stories. We’re looking forward to continuing to work with the music industry to create new ways for people to connect and express themselves through music across our family of apps.”

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