From the Venue to the Living Room

Written by frtyfve Team

Add value for your fans, and take the opportunity to connect with them.

Why not set up a social unlock campaign, where your fans could win a live performance from you via Houseparty and you can drive more streams on Spotify!

1. Direct your fans to save your single to their catalogue on Spotify, or pre-save your new single. You could even encourage fans via social media to follow you on Spotify.

2. In return, they are entered into a prize drawThe lucky winner receives a performance by you in their living room via Houseparty!

This is a great way to thank your fans for their loyalty at this time, whilst also driving more streams to your songs. Want to give this a go? We can help set this up for you! All you need to do is download the frtyfve App here and then DM @jack for more information.

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