frtyfve seconds with... Sam Clines

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frtyfve seconds with... Sam Clines

Worcester-born singer/ songwriter Sam Clines is a man on the rise. With a full EP and a string of increasingly strong single releases under his belt, exciting things lie on the horizon for him and his ever-evolving sound. His overtly impressive ability as a songwriter, coalesced with his eclectic, pop-infused sound certainly makes him one of the most interesting and exciting prospects around.

As such, we felt he was the perfect guest to kick off our brand-spanking-new "frtyfve seconds with..." series of quick-fire interviews with strictly independent artists. Without further ado, here's how our 45 seconds with Sam went down..

Tell us a bit about your story and why you decided to become a singer/songwriter.

"I guess I've always been drawn to writing music from a young age, which began on the piano when I was about 10. Then I just started picking up other instruments and realised I really enjoyed playing. Probably like most kids who were musical growing up in a small village, you quickly became known as the 'musical kid', so I guess when I finally became exposed to the real world, when I moved down to Brighton, I realised I wasn't the only one with talent. Now I'm just learning my trade and doing what I love!"

Which 3 artists have inspired you the most and why?

"Ah, its got to be Amy Winehouse. She was insane and I remember listening to 'Frank' on holiday when I was about 13 and I just fell in love with it; I remember miming all the words to myself in the reflection of the car window pretending the they were my songs; I guess now I have something to show for it. More recent influences are probably people like FKJ, Tom Misch, and KAYTRANADA; I love their choice of production and the way they incorporate and blend different genres."

You've just dropped your latest single 'Think About Us', tell us a bit about the record & how those inspirations have influenced it.

"Yeah so this track actually started off in 6/8, but one evening I was listening to 'Lite Spots' by KAYTRANADA and I wanted to my bassline to have the same impact, so I decided to speed it and make it a more 'housey'. I guess I wanted to create something which was chilled out but still made your head bop, which is exactly what people like FKJ and Tom Misch do so well I think."

Many people, including us, believe that artists no longer need major labels to succeed in the modern streaming-era. What's your take on this?

"Yeah, I totally agree that artists no longer need major labels to succeed. Take Chance The Rapper, who's had like 300+M streams on a single track; that's hitting it big time and he's solely independent. I wouldn't say that major labels are going out the window but I'd say that they're definitely much less important than they used to be."

In 3 words describe how it feels to be an independent artist.

"Pretty damn exciting"

Finally, The Killers & Wu-Tang are clashing at Glasto, who would you go to see?

"oohhh got to be Wu-Tang, but only because I haven't seen them!"

Sam, that's our frtyfve seconds up. Thanks for your time!

"Cheers guys!"

Sam's latest single 'Think About Us' is out now, check it out HERE

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