Grow your TikTok audience with these content creation tips

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The more videos you make, the opportunities you have to connect with a large number of audiences that loves your content. To reach your core audience or the right viewers, it is pertinent to use hashtags that are either associated with relevant phrases, trends, or topics that you cover in the video. It is recommended to use more relevant hashtags than generic ones like for e.g., #FYP so as to not get lost in a whirlpool of content with similar hashtags. Using too generic hashtags will not help people with similar interests discover your TikTok.

Another fact to remember is to always be authentic. It cannot be said enough that to be noticed you have to be authentic to yourself- even when following trends! Pave your way- be creative and your community will be sure to follow.

Co-Creating Content

The content niche you’ve chosen is your community. Since Tiktok is such an all-inclusive community, you’ll surely find creators that are creating content similar to yours. You should think of these other creators as neighbours rather than competition. Think about how you can invite these like-minded individuals to collaborate with you.

Even if the overall community is large, there are smaller ones within your content niche. For e.g. the fashion and music community is so big that it has its own section on the explore page. You can be creating fantasy cosplay costumes or recreate historically accurate wardrobes. There are massive possibilities within any realm you choose!

Creating new content ideas

As stated before, staying on top of trends and making it your own is necessary. If you are looking for fresh ideas, then you might need to look at older popular uploads to see what people particularly liked. It might just be time to make a part two! You can explore different themes, topics from your content to see what resonates with your viewers the most and see what you can create next.

You can examine your top viewed videos and see if there are any themes that perform the best? Is there a common theme between them? Consider using your learnings to make your next video and to create a content strategy. Like e.g., “quick recipes” or “easy recipes” is a popular theme and resonates with a large number of audiences.

Viewers can contribute to your content

A major part of growing your community is to engage with the audience that you already have. Community contributions can play a vital role if your viewers are willing to share their contributions on a public platform. Creators can ask their fans to contribute art, ideas or questions for their videos on social media. You can ask your audiences to use specific hashtags to use and tag you as well.

Merch and products to promote your content

You can grow your channel by treating it as a brand. Your merch/product should be related to your channel’s brand. Think outside of the box of generic shirts or hats that most creators release. Do you use specific tools for your content? What element of your video can be turned into a physical product?

Releasing a product that appeals to your viewer demographic can also turn viewers who have not heard of your channel into subscribers. When someone picks your product or merch or sees it online, they could tune into your channel by the name presented on the packaging. e.g., popular DIY creator Karina Garcia who popularized slime content sells her own DIY slime kits.

Explore other communities

Part of Tiktok’s charm is that there is no shortage of communities to be a part of. Don’t limit yourself to one kind of content- have fun, be creative and experiment until you find what works for yourself.

No matter how good you do, remember that consistency is the key- therefore ensure you have a great posting schedule. Posting regularly is an excellent way to build a lasting relationship with audiences, because out of sight, out of mind is the human nature.

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