Guns N' Roses break 1 billion views record on YouTube

Written by frtyfve Team

Guns N' Roses have become the first band to surpass 1 billion views with a 1990s music video

Guns N’ Roses released “November Rain” back in 1992, way before YouTube was launched. After averaging nearly 560,000 views per day last year, the track has become the first 1990s release to surpass the 1-billion view milestone on YouTube.

Other popular 1990s Guns N’ Roses videos on YouTube include “Don’t Cry” (1991), which has 471m views and “Estranged” (1994), which has 111m views. 80s track “Sweet Child O’ Mine” has more than 692 million views, making it the biggest 1980s music video on YouTube.

According to Forbes, “YouTube revealed that 83% of GNR's 2018 views came from outside the US. While the US had the most views so far in 2018 (89m), the band have a strong following in South America with big YouTube numbers in Brazil (69m), Mexico (66m), Argentina (28m) and Colombia (23m)”.

According to YouTube, more than 1 billion music fans visit the platform each month to “be part of music culture and discover new music”. YouTube has just launched its own music streaming service, YouTube Music.

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