Gut instinct will not be replaced by data, but they are both crucial to scouting success

Written by frtyfve Team

In a guest column for Variety last week, Maverick Management partner Nick Jarjour shared his concerns for the loss of gut instinct decisions, in favour of metrics in the scouting process.

By using pure metrics to assess something as subjective and emotional as raw talent, the entire A&R process becomes less about “artists and repertoire,” and should instead be called “analytics and research,” Jarjour states.

Jarjour’s words convey an image of data-scientists ripping headphones away from the ears of bamboozled A&R scouts. The reality is very different. Data science and machine learning tools are enhancing scouting efforts, but will never replace core scouting skills. This is not about displacing gut instinct, it is about maximising efficiency and results.

An A&R scout can only listen to a certain number of tracks and explore the profiles of so many artists in one day. A&R music scouting platforms tools narrow down the pool of prospects to a group that really deserves your attention.

Gut instinct delivers great results when A&R music scouting platforms have been used

We cannot overlook raw talent and gut instinct. It’s a sacred thing that is important to nurture for our future generation of leaders,” Jarjour adds.

With over 30,000 new tracks uploaded to streaming platforms every day, this process can not be done manually anymore. This means that the audience has become more important than ever -  audience reaction, playlist inclusion and follower growth have become reliable indicators of potential. Once insight tools have narrowed down a group of prospects, gut instinct, intuition, taste and knowledge come into play and are the essential scouting tools.

The talented managers, scouts, promoters, agents, publishers and lawyers behind an artists journey of development will not be replaced by AI, but their capacity and abilities will be greatly improved.

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