How does the TikTok Algorithm Work?

Written by frtyfve Team

You have started your own TikTok page and you have started to post videos to promote your music or gain fans on the platform - but why is no one viewing your content?

The TikTok Algorithm is driven by 5 key aspects and you need to know about them!

Hashtags - ultimately, you want your video to end up on TikTok’s ‘For You Page’, it is the equivalent of scoring a spot on a big Spotify playlist. It will boost your presence on the platform and gain you more views/followers. We recommend checking out a hashtags performance before using it, you can find trending hashtags by tapping the Discover Tab and finding the tags that have got the most traction at the moment.

Captions - alongside Hashtags, you need an exciting caption for your video. This should be as short and snappy as possible whilst remaining engaging for viewers. Try out a rhetorical question, joke or suspense builder eg) ‘wait for it….’

Trending Sounds - as you’ll know, there are so many ways you can promote your own music on TikTok. But whilst you're growing your following, try and use trending sounds or songs that are performing well on the platform to increase your discoverability.

Consistency - alike to all other social media platforms, consistency is king on TikTok. We recommend posting a minimum of 3 times a week and maximum of 3 times daily - as TikTok rewards its most active users.

Length of Video - You are more likely to get more views with shorter 15 second videos. Are you more likely to consume quick content or sit and watch a 60 second long video? Boost your viewership by posting quickfire content!

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