How the Glasto 2019 line-up would look if Spotify decided

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Who would headline the world’s most prestigious festival, if solely based on Spotify Monthly Listeners?

There’s only 2 sleeps to go until the world's most prestigious music festival kicks off again after a quiet fallow year on Pilton Farm. We’re sure that by now, you’ve already seen the full line-up announcement, but how would that same line-up differ if it were based solely upon Spotify data?

Currently, we have The Killers, The Cure and of course the much anticipated Stormzy taking the headline slots on the Pyramid Stage. The classic ‘tea-time’ slot going to Kylie Minogue, whilst George Ezra, Billie Eilish, Hozier, Diplo, Sigrid & Tame Impala all have highly credited slots at this year's festival.

Take a look at the official poster, before we switch it up...
How the Glasto 2019 line-up would look if Spotify decided

Glastonbury 2019 Official Line-Up

Now here’s how that looks based upon Spotify Monthly Listeners…

Friday Night Headliner

Friday Night Headliner

Friday Night Headliner

Billie Eilish (48,549,633 Monthly Listeners)

Is this much of a surprise? Coming in at number 1 on our festival line up and taking the Friday Headline slot is none other than Billie Elilsh. Currently ranking 3rd in the world on Spotify’s total Monthly Listeners, her debut album ‘When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?’, made her the youngest ever female solo artist to top the UK Album Charts & her lead single ‘Bad Guy’ has now spent 11 weeks in the Top 5 of Billboard’s Hot 100.

Initially, she was scheduled to play the John Peel stage, but this was altered to the 2nd largest stage at the festival, The Other Stage, due to the album’s successes. If she were to headline Glastonbury, she would be the youngest ever to do so, and only the 3rd person ever to do so after only releasing their debut album (Coldplay and Arctic Monkeys began this trend). Of course this year, Stromzy will be adding himself to that list, having only released debut album prior to headlining.

Saturday Night Headliner

Saturday Night Headliner

Saturday Night Headliner

Diplo (33,789,428 Monthly Listeners)

Saturday Night Headline goes to Diplo! Oh wait… is he even playing this year? Fans and festival-goers have been speculating for months as to whether or not the American DJ’s slot has been cancelled, replaced or now a ‘secret’. After first appearing on the main line up announcement poster (as seen above) he has since disappeared from the poster, app and website. We are still including him on our line up though, as his massive 33m+ monthly listeners place him on the Pyramid Stage on Saturday night! The 3x Grammy Award winner has had some of the biggest dance hits of the past 10 years, most recently taking on a remix of Old Town Road.

Sunday Night Headliner

Sunday Night Headliner

Sunday Night Headliner

Miley Cyrus (30,130,865 Monthly Listeners)

And finally, taking to the Pyramid stage on Sunday night is Miley Cyrus. Already billed highly, she just beats Bastille (26m+ Monthly Listeners) to our final headline slot. She has accumulated 30m+ Monthly Listeners, and not to be overshadowed by her fathers recent resurgence, has just released an EP containing pop/rock laden ‘Mother’s Daughter’ already hitting almost 40m+ streams on Spotify. We are ready for that wrecking ball!

Now that we have our new headliners, we take a look at who could provide the sunny, upbeat, singalong ‘tea time’ special on Sunday afternoon. The 5 artists are those with the largest Spotify Monthly Listeners:

Bastille - 26,520,041

Anne-Marie - 22,058,093

George Ezra - 13,415,866

The Killers - 12,731,056

Hozier - 12,585,561

So who could take the chilled sunshine slot? Previous alumni of this position include Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, Lionel Richie and most recently Bee Gees legend Barry Gibb. With this in mind, we can only turn to George Ezra to take up the mantle. His astronomical rise is still on the up, month on month; we hear him just about everywhere! Radio, TV and 13m+ people streaming him on Spotify every month. His infectious pop is driving well-deserved success across the world as this festival season see’s him close a chapter on his global tour, showcasing his second album Staying At Tamara’s.

And of course, we can’t leave you hanging without the stats of the actual 2019 headliners! As we know The Killers top that original list with 12.7m+ Monthly Listeners, The Cure totalling 7.8m+, Stormzy at 6.8m+ & Kylie with 3.8m+

All things considered, here's how the full line-up would look if Spotify data was king.

How the Glasto 2019 line-up would look if Spotify decided

Glastonbury 2019 if Spotify Decided

What do you think? Will we start to see data streaming data become increasingly influential upon festival line-ups? Or is it really just all about the music, man?

Let us know in the comments section of our Instagram @frty.fve

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