How to Promote Your Music on SoundCloud

Written by frtyfve Team

SoundCloud has a reputation for launching careers and finding your first audience. But with 20 million music creators on the platform, how do you rise above the noise? Here are out Top 5 Tips:

1. Link all your social media account and other streaming platforms to your SoundCloud profile page for easy discoverability.

2. Take a look into your SoundCloud analytics and review the demographics of your key audience - is there any specific content you could be creating for them?

3. Collaborate with other artists just on SoundCloud - this is a great way to expand outside of your genre.

4. If you are a producer or enjoy creating covers - let your fellow artists know! You don't have to collaborate to benefit from sharing a fanbase, encourage them to cover one of your tracks and then re-share it you your profiles.

5. Interact with others via messaging and comments - this is the only streaming platform that allows you to directly communicate with others - so reply to your fans and expand your network!

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