How to Target Social Media Ads to your Spotify Audience

Written by frtyfve Team

The best way to imagine targeted ads, is a tool that allows you to position your promoted post to hit as many relevant users as possible. Of course you want to make sure that as many people as possible see what you have been paying for, so where should you start?

Targeting by Location:
Log into your Spotify/Apple Music for Artists profile and have a look as to where your listeners are based. You may live in Manchester, but if your listeners all come from Sydney then it makes more sense to target your fans geographically.
It is also beneficial for you to change up your language depending on the location. Want to sell old tour tee’s from the shows you did in Scotland? Open the text on your ad with ‘Hey Scotland!’.
Location data is also a great way to target fans in growing areas - if you are starting to see tracktion on your tracks in a specific city - try developing that audience using ads.

Targeting by Gender and Age:
Age and Gender demographics of your listeners allow you to make a calculated decision on which platform you advertise on. If your fans are aged 18-29 and the majority are female, you may find Instagram is more effective. If your audience is made up of men ages 35-44, Twitter may be the best. Research into where it is most common to see your audience demographic on social media.

Targeting by Playlist:
If you have been added to a playlist which has a specific audience in a certain country eg) Sommergefühle - this playlist is targeted at a German audience - target some ads towards that location to build more traction on your song.
Last week we published an article into how best to climb playlist positions, and ads can definitely help you gain more streams in a playlist - showing Spotify/Apple editors that you have a pro-active audience.

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