How to write a good Press Release

Written by frtyfve Team

1. Simplify it: bear in mind bloggers usually receive lots of emails daily so the simpler the better! Make your press release concise and easy to read, to the point and do not add unnecessary details.

2. Create an exciting subject line to increase your open rate: try to avoid generic subject lines and focus on what’s different about you as an artist or your release. Mention that in your subject line, such as any support you may have got already, collaborations or theme of your track if it’s related to any current trend.

3. Do NOT attach any files: first of all, there is a high chance your email will end up in Spam folder if you’re emailing the person for the first time and attaching a file. Secondly, no one wants to download anything nowadays, so instead of attaching an mp3, include a Soundcloud, Spotify or YouTube link.

4. Ensure you include links to your social media platform handles: you will be surprised how often artists submit music but don’t include any links to socials. Bloggers usually don’t have time or are willing to search you on socials so make sure you include all handles. Also a good idea to include a link to a Google Drive or Dropbox folder with press shots (never attach the pictures to the email!).

5. Make it personal: This usually takes a bit more effort and time but it can certainly make a difference. If you can start your email with a personal message to the curator, at least just saying ‘Hello XXX’ and mentioning the name of their blog/channel, that’s definitely going to grab their attention.

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