HUNTAR opens up for the first time ever on the frtyfve podcast

Written by frtyfve Team

From selling CDs out of a rucksack to signing a record deal, electronic artist HUNTAR shares his story on frtyfve’s new music podcast.

We are delighted to announce that we have launched our very own podcast. The frtyfve podcast digs deeper into the business of new music. How do you survive in a fast-paced and cut-throat industry? 

In discussion with established and fast-growing artists alike, we tackle the real questions surrounding the business of being a musician in a social media and 'streaming first' world. We will also be chatting to industry specialists who will be offering their unique insights.

In Episode 1 of the frtyfve podcast, South London based electronic artist HUNTAR opens up for this first time on his experiences as both a signed and unsigned artist in a streaming and social media first world.

After borrowing a battered guitar from a friend and falling in love with music, HUNTAR began to wonder whether he could take his passion for music further than a hobby. After adopting a worn out red Citroen Saxo, he learnt a few chords and busked his way around the country. Starting in a village pub, he went on to play 277 gigs in one year.

“I pretended to be my manager on emails, until I got one, saying that I’ve got this acoustic kid and he’s really good,” HUNTAR explains.

After winning over a huge fan base both on the road and online, his early acoustic project scaled massively. After inviting an A&R scout (and everyone he knew) to a gig, he was approached by Good Soldier Songs.

At this point, everything changed, including his direction and sound.

"Can I get rid of a whole fanbase and they then find me again and love me without knowing its me?"

HUNTAR was truly born.

With millions of streams and a combined social media following of over 110k, HUNTAR has experienced the industry change, as social media and streaming become core to its operation. His hundreds of thousands of monthly listeners enjoy his music, but know very little of the tough journey he has endured to get to where he calls “the beginning”.

In an honest and gripping interview, HUNTAR shares his full story and offers tips to emerging artists looking to survive in a fast-paced and cut-throat industry.

To listen to the podcast in full, head to: 

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