Is Spotify making plans to expand its video offerings?

Written by frtyfve Team

Spotify may be planning to expand its media offerings, as veteran TV and video executive Dawn Ostroff joins its ranks.

Dawn Ostroff, a veteran TV and video executive, has joined Spotify as its new chief content officer, suggesting that the streaming giant may be set to expand its media plans.

Ostroff has moved from her position as President of Conde Nast Entertainment. She will be responsible for creator services and all Spotify content and editorial output. Focusing on the development of the mobile experience for users in its recent free-version update, Spotify rolled out full-screen art, which had previously been used on playlists such as RapCaviar.

Spotify has promised a shift into video content for years, but it has never come into fruition. If Spotify intends to compete with the likes of YouTube and Netflix, it is possible that it may be looking to create original video content.

In related news, Spotify has approached artists with an offer of an advance in exchange for licensing tracks directly to the service, rather than via a label or distributor. Spotify’s direct licensing deals with artists would see them pay royalties directly to the artist, with a lower revenue share rate than under a traditional distributor or label agreement.

Also, Colombian reggaeton star J.Balvin has become Spotify's Most Streamed Artist in the World.

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