iTunes ditching LP submissions

Written by frtyfve Team

Apple have confirmed that they are set to stop taking new iTunes LP submissions by the end of this month.

On Tuesday morning, Metro reported on a leaked Apple document which spelled out the demise of the bundle package feature. In a traditional sense, LP stands for ‘long-playing’ and refers to a full-length record. But in 2009, Apple launched the LP as a form of music bundle, which gave artists and labels the means to share additional material with fans. Whilst it never became a core strategy on iTunes, many artists shared bonus tracks, album art and videos as part of the LP package.

The Verge confirmed the reports that there will be no more LP submissions accepted by Apple. However, they also announced that existing LPs will work as normal and any already listed on the store will still be available.

Whilst the withdrawal of the LP from the iTunes store does not mean the immediate end of music downloads, it certainly fuels rumours that Apple is considering shifting to a subscription-only model. Phasing out the LP strategy shows that Apple is looking to optimise its current model, as it battles against Spotify, which remains the world’s leading streaming service.

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