Janet Jackson has pushed herself up the Glastonbury Festival billing

Written by frtyfve Team

Janet Jackson seems to have pushed herself up the 2019 Glastonbury Festival line-up poster

Glastonbury Festival announced their 2019 lineup last week, featuring pop superstar Janet Jackson. However, when promoting her appearance at the festival, eagle-eyed fans noticed that she had bumped herself up the festival billing poster, so that her name appeared first.

The original design places Glastonbury's headliners and other major acts in this order: The Killers, The Cure, Stormzy, Kylie, Janet Jackson. But the Janet Jackson version places her right at the top.

We do wonder whether Janet was really up at midnight on a massive photoshop mission? It's probably more possible that her team asked Glastonbury for a custom version of the poster to promote. Even so, some fans thought she should be even higher on the billing...

You might be surprised that this isn't the first time an artist has edited a festival poster to appear higher on the billing. Back in February, The Sherlocks edited the Y Not Festival 2018 poster, fixing them just below the headliner.

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