Join household names in our global campaign!

Written by frtyfve Team

Join household names in our global campaign!

The Opportunity

We’re bringing together musical and creative talent from across the globe to join a mission. From household names and social stars to artists just starting out their careers, we want you to record a cover of ‘Keep On Keeping On’ by Curtis Mayfield and in doing so help raise vital funds for the World Health Organisation.

Once you’ve recorded your cover, submit it to us here and our label team at frtyfve will do the rest. We will distribute the track, pitch for playlist opportunities at all major digital streaming platforms, co-ordinate global press, radio and TV opportunities and create loads of collaborations with other artists, influencers, brands and media.

Our team of designers will manage all branding, artwork and social assets and our marketing team will deliver a social campaign for the project, ensuring that all releases get the biggest reach.

All profits generated by the #keepon campaign will go to help those in need.

Where the money raised will go:

Contingency Fund for Emergencies (CFE)
. CFE gives the World Health Organisation the resources to quickly mount an effective response to disease outbreaks and humanitarian crises with health consequences. The ability to respond quickly before other donor funding is mobilized can stop a health emergency from spiralling out of control, saving resources and lives.

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