LATEST: George Ezra grows by over 1 million followers following album release

Written by frtyfve Team

The Hertford-raised, Bristol-based singer-songwriter has released ‘Staying At Tamara’s’, the long-awaited follow up to ‘Wanted On Voyage’. His debut album was the UK’s third highest-selling record in 2014, topped only by the anthems of Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith.

In search of a world-beating sophomore, Ezra headed to Barcelona, where he quite literally stayed at Tamara’s. Rather than crashing at a hotel, he opted to book a spare room in a house share and began writing his new album.

‘Staying at Tamara’s’ is refreshingly positive, but in no way naive to the potential troubles of his listeners. The opening track, ‘Happy Smiling People’ launches the album with a sense of charm and euphoric comradery. “What a terrible time to be alive if you’re prone to overthinking”, he croons, before declaring, “hey pretty smiling people, we’re alright together”.

A&R scouting platform illustrates George Ezra’s 1 million follower boom

Lead single ‘Paradise’ has hit over 14 million streams with significant playlist backing. Though, after the release of his album (Friday 23rd March), this backing has increased rapidly. According to leading A&R scouting platform, TalentAI, Ezra is currently featured on 291 influential playlists, giving him a total playlist following of over 51 million. Since the release of his record, his playlist following has grown by a staggering 1,116,434 (TalentAI).

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