Live Nation's festival passport gives you access to 100+ festivals worldwide

Written by frtyfve Team

Live Nation’s Festival Passport offers a bold solution for deciding which festivals to hit up.

You no longer need to spend hours analysing festival lineups, dates and travel times to plan your music festival season, because Live Nation has come up with a solution: going to all of them.

Live Nation are bringing back their Festival Passport

Live Nation’s Festival Passport is a golden ticket which gives you entry into every single Live Nation Festival, anywhere in that world. That is over 100 festivals, with multiple genres and locations. So you could go to Trondheim Rocks in Northern Norway, enjoy your muddy bank holiday weekend at Reading or Leeds Festival, then make your way to Creamfields Taiwan and still have hundreds of festivals at your disposal.

The ticket will set you back $999 (£704), which seems like a big cost until you tackle the numbers. With the average ticket price for medium-sized festivals in the UK around £200 or £100 for day tickets, if you went to four weekend festivals over the year, you are getting great value for money. You would also benefit from not having to worry about logging on to multiple devices at 9 am on ticket release days to bag yourself a ticket.

Only 2,500 Live Nation Festival Passports (+ 100 VIP passes) are going on sale and last time they sold out within 24 hours. Registration ends on April 12th, so if you want access to 100+ festivals worldwide, act fast!

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