Machine Learning and AI drive Spotify's new free service

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Spotify has unveiled a new AI driven free-tier of its streaming service at a press event in New York.

Today at the Gramercy Theater in New York City, Gustav Söderström (Spotify’s Chief R&D Officer) unveiled a new free tier of its streaming service.

Spotify furthers the personalisation of its user experience using Machine Learning and AI

With use of machine learning and AI, the new free tier will recommend music to users on-the-go with assisted playlists. This feature will suggest tracks to the user based on their taste. Spotify’s increased investment in AI reflects its growing application within the industry. Instrumental are making use of AI processes to drive the music scouting process for global leading music players. Their A&R scouting platform uses AI processes with Spotify API data to unearth the fastest growing artists and tracks.

Other developments to Spotify's new free tier include the loosening of restrictions on playback. Whilst its previous free service limited users to shuffle-play, in the 'freemium' version of the app, users will be able to listen on-demand to 750 tracks that appear within 15 discovery playlists including Daily Mix, Discover Weekly, Release Radar or Today’s Top Hits. The Swedish streaming giant hopes that by further developing the free user experience, it will attract more users to Spotify Premium as it focuses on scale.

Spotify is also introducing a data-saver setting, which will reduce data consumption by up to 75%. Spotify has hailed their new free tier as the modern representation of broadcast radio. Voice-activated technology and hardware will wait for another day.

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