Moby drops new album exclusively on Calm App

Written by frtyfve Team

Moby has dropped his new album exclusively on Calm's meditation app, to a potential user base of 45m

Moby has dropped his new album Long Ambients 2 on sleep and meditation app Calm, as part of an exclusive partnership. The San-Francisco based app has picked up over 45 million downloads to date and has over 700,000 users and an acclaimed 5-star rating.

The app's Calm Music streaming platform was launched 18 months ago and has amassed over 150 million streams from its 200 track catalogue.

Famously innovative in his art and release strategies, Moby is the first artist to tap into the potential of the meditation market. His new album is the sequel to Long Ambients 1 (2016), which he released for free via file sharing platform WeTransfer - as well as picking up a huge number of downloads, it has also since been streamed over 9m times on Spotify.

Long Ambients 2 will be available exclusively on Calm Music for the first 30 days, before becoming available on other music platforms including Spotify and iTunes.

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