Music videos and premium streams upgraded in Official Singles Chart shake-up

Written by frtyfve Team

Music video consumption will be added to the Official Singles Chart, while premium streams and ad-funded streams will be weighted differently.

From 6th July, the Official Singles Chart will include streams and downloads of official artist music videos, from streaming services such as YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify and Tidal. As traditionally audio-based streaming services launch video content on their platforms, YouTube has recently launched its audio/video music streaming service, YouTube Music.

Official Singles Chart: 1 single sale will equal 100 premium streams

Additionally, The Official Charts Company (OCC) has announced that they are changing the weighting of the sales:streams ratio in consideration of premium subscription and ad-funded streams. The current ratio means that one sale equates to 150 streams, but from 6th July, premium subscriber streams will count for 1:100 and the free or ad-funded rate will increase to 1:600. The new rules will also apply to video streaming.

“This is a significant step for the UK and ensures The Official Chart continues to be the most comprehensive and trusted chart in the UK, bar none,” said Official Charts Company chief executive Martin Talbot of the video changes. “In the modern era, artists are increasingly multi-faceted creators, with a highly developed visual sense running in parallel with their music. The addition of video ensures that the Official Singles Chart reflects the creativity of the artist in the broadest way possible – and music fans’ engagement with that vision.”

The response to New Rules was so crazy and I am so grateful for it. Video was really important to me in my career - it’s another way as artists that we can get our music to our fans.

Dua Lipa

The OCC’s changes reflect a shift in consumption of music globally and align with changes made in other markets, including France, Germany, Spain and Italy, who have chosen to remove ad-funded streams from their charts. Billboard has also recently downgraded the weighting of ad-funded streams against premium streams.

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