Over 1 billion music streams in France every week

Written by frtyfve Team

A new report shows that the use of streaming services in France is up 39% in 2018.

According to a report by local trade body SNEP, in the first half of 2018, 27 billion on-demand music streams took place in France. This marks a 39% increase on the 19.4 billion streams in the same period in 2017, meaning that streaming now makes up 56% of the total market.

Over 1 billion music streams in France every week

France Top 20 Albums List - January to June 2018

Interestingly, SNEP has reported that two-thirds of all audio streams in the first half of the year came from paid services.

Fears that the streaming world has impacted the growth of local artists have also been debunked, as 19 of the 20 biggest selling albums between January and June were released by French artists (Mâitre Gims is pictured). The one non-French artist making that Top 20 list was Ed Sheeran, with his record-breaking album Divide reaching #7.

Whilst the French charts use streaming data equivalents in the same way that the UK charts do, only premium (non-ad funded) streams count, under SNEP/GfK’s new ruling.

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