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Au/Ra has been dominating the TalentAI charts since the release of her latest single ‘Panic Room’.

The Ibiza-born, Antigua-raised singer-songwriter Au/Ra already has an impressive 1.2 million monthly listeners and has attained over 26 million streams since her debut release back in 2016. A nomadic teen, Au/Ra spends a lot of time visiting LA and performs with an American accent. But in reality, English is her third language. Born in Ibiza, she initially spoke Catalan, as well as German. With such a rich cultural and linguistic background, at just 15, she is fast honing the ability to write captivating alt-pop tracks that can resonate with anyone.

‘Panic Room is probably the darkest song I've written. It's about something I don’t feel like a lot of songs talk about, which is anxiety. Panic room, to its very core, is about battling self-doubt and fear, and how sometimes you can be your biggest enemy. The word panic room ties into the song by saying that when fear consumes you, it automatically puts you into that panicked headspace. You think you're safe in the panic room, but really you're avoiding the issue and lying to yourself when you really should be dealing with the problem.’ says Au/Ra.

Fresh from supporting Lewis Capaldi across his European tour, we had a quick chat with Au/Ra to find out a little more about her.

Why did you choose the name Au/Ra?

I wrote a Lord of the Rings fanfiction when I was 12, and the main character’s name was Aura - I really loved the name and identified with the character so it stuck haha.

When did you start playing music and was your family background important to that?

I started to try and write songs when I was 10, then actually started making music when I was 12, with my parents, who are both in the music industry. My mom’s a songwriter and my dad’s a producer, so I grew (and still am growing lol) up around a super musical family. They’ve both always been extremely supportive of my dreams and I’m forever grateful for that.

Who are your main artist influences?

I get most of my inspiration from watching different media - anime, shows, movies - and reading books. I really feel for the characters and imagine what I would do if I was in their situation - mixed in with real-life experiences of my own.

What’s your overall goal right now?

Honestly, the only way I can really put it is that I’d love to have a headline show where everyone was singing along to my songs - I saw a lot of that on tour when Lewis Capaldi performed - and I see now that that’s pure magic.

With features on Your Favourite Coffeehouse, Fresh Electronic and Infinite Acoustic, Au/Ra has picked up over 13 million playlist followers (TalentAI), illustrating her fast growth and raw potential as a breakthrough artist this year.

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