Report: Spotify will have more users in the U.S than Pandora by 2022

Written by frtyfve Team

According to an eMarketer report, Spotify is set to take over Pandora's US-based user lead

According to a new eMarketer report, Spotify is projected to surpass Pandora in US-based paying subscribers. Whilst the majority of the streaming battle debate surrounds the Swedish streaming giant and Apple Music, Pandora remains the biggest player in the US market.

However, eMarketer has projected that Spotify will narrow the gap by 2021, before surpassing the Californian company in total US-based monthly active users (MAUs) in 2022.

Report: Spotify will have more users in the U.S than Pandora by 2022

The infographic above utilises a data set of users who used either Spotify or Pandora to listen to music at least once a month in the US. Whilst Pandora is losing MAUs, Spotify is enjoying fast growth rates.

Spotify has recently become the go-to music provider for Samsung users

eMarketer's explanation of the projection is that while Pandora has focussed its efforts on turning free subscribers into paid users, Spotify has introduced new features for users, including offline listening. Spotify has also built new pricing structures including student and family plans and partnered with giants including Hulu and Samsung.

Spotify has recently aligned with Samsung to become the “go-to music service provider” for all Samsung devices. This means that Spotify will be the default music streaming services on all new Samsung devices moving forward. Following the news, Spotify shares rose by 5.1%, indicating the importance of hardware in the battle between the digital service providers (DSPs). This week, Spotify also announced that a new partnership with the BBC to offer users access to the broadcaster’s podcasts.

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