Sell Merch at Virtual Gigs

Written by frtyfve Team

Last Saturday, veteran British band OMD streamed a recording of a November 2019 concert on YouTube under the banner ‘OMD: Live From Your Sofa’. More than 30,000 fans watched live, with the video generating over 122k views in the week following.

The stream raised £6k for charity but what is most surprising: OMD launched a line of sofa merch alongside the event, and across nearly 2,000 orders the band generated £75k of merch revenue.

This should be taken as an encouraging example of a way to make money from live streams - do you normally sell merch at live shows? Do you have an online store or ability to set one up via a site such as Bandcamp?

Re-brand and re-promote your merch to your fans during a live stream. Need help setting this up? Download the frtyfve app and DM @jack now!

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