Spotify & Chill?

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Spotify testing ‘Premium Duo’ plan for couples in 5 territories.

Forget power couples. Premium couples are what it’s all about.

Yesterday it emerged that Spotify was piloting it’s new ‘Premium Duo’ service in 5 territories: Columbia, Chile, Denmark, Ireland and Poland. The new price plan will now allow couples and/ or cohabiting buddies to share a Spotify account for just €12.49 a month, striking a middle ground between the existing individual and ‘family’ options.

Anyone who shares a Spotify account with a spouse or friend will be painfully aware of the ‘your Spotify account is being used elsewhere’ message and the argument that ensues. However, if proven to be a success in its current trial, Premium Duo might well be the answer to your prayers.

In addition to it’s argument-preventing capabilities, Premium Duo will also introduce ‘Duo Mix’ playlists, which will fuse the music tastes of both users into personalised tracklists. P.S. This is where you find out that your boyfriend listens to nothing but ABBA in his spare time.

Spotify & Chill?

On a serious note, this move follows a series of big announcements from Spotify who are hell-bent on driving growth in the wake of their listing on the New York stock exchange last year. From their entry into the Indian market, to their recent announcement that some big editorial playlist will now be personalised to an individual's taste, the range of new services and options can only be a good thing for consumers (and Spotify).

Perhaps the only drawback with Premium Duo, is that both parties must be cohabiting in order to qualify for an account. However, if your partner is scared of commitment, maybe this is the push they need to finally get a key cut?

What do you think? Will Premium Duo be a success? Or is this a bit too ‘coupley’ for your liking?

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