Spotify launches Global Cultures Initiative to encourage regional artists to break globally

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Spotify wants to encourage regionally popular artists to break on the global stage

Spotify has launched a new initiative to encourage the global success of artists within specific regional and cultural communities. The Global Cultures Initiative was announced in a blog post and will be powered by ‘expertly curated playlists’. The initiative will focus on “surfacing hits from different countries around the world and spotlighting popular songs that cross cultures”.

Arab, African, Indian (Desi), and Latino, are amongst the first playlists to be announced so far, with more expected in the coming weeks. As part of the initiative, Spotify has also launched the Global X playlist, which fuses global hits with multicultural crossover tracks. Crossover hits are defined as, “a mix of different genres, a mix of languages”.

In an announcement blog post, Spotify’s Head of Global Cultures, Rocio Guerrero explained the ethos behind the program: “Why is food from other countries so embedded in our culture and yet music isn’t? Because streaming didn't exist. But now it's happening,” says Rocio, who is originally from Spain but now lives in New York. "Global X is the sound of a new era: rhythmic crossover hits from all cultures around the world, all in one place. We’re creating a global brand that's going to represent hits from all countries around the world.”

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