Spotify launching on Sky Q

Written by frtyfve Team

Sky have announced the addition of Spotify to their Sky Q boxes as part of the latest round of updates to their next-generation TV platform.

As well as new personalisation options, voice functionality, a new interface and kids mode, the Spotify app will be made launched on the Sky Q homepage. The streaming giants’ subscription service will be launched on Sky in the UK and Ireland this Spring.

Whilst Spotify subscribers can already stream music via AirPlay and Bluetooth to Sky Q, the app will be a huge boost to the user experience for music lovers using the entertainment package. The added functionality will also be available to non-premium users, with Spotify’s  ad-supported free service to be made available to Sky Q users with the usual restrictions applied. In addition to the in-app experience, Spotify’s very own curated playlists will be visible on the Sky Q homepage.

After Spotify cut ties with Virgin Media’s TiVo back in 2016, this is a big win for Sky. Conversely, with Sky’s huge subscriber base considered, partnering with Sky will be another string to Spotify’s bow in the streaming battle against Apple Music.

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