Spotify Lite: streaming giant testing lite app designed for emerging markets

Written by frtyfve Team

Spotify is testing a lite version of its app, which has been designed for emerging markets

Spotify Lite follows a trend of recently released data-friendly and smaller sized apps. Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and Uber have all recently developed apps of a similar nature, as major companies look to compete in emerging markets.

The development of Spotify Lite illustrates the intentions of the streaming giant to cater to a wider audience, who are using a variety of mobile devices and data plans.

Spotify Lite is 85% smaller than the Spotify standard app

Whilst the standard Spotify app is around 100MB, the lite version of the app only takes up 15MB of space. However, whilst the app will take up less space and is more data-friendly, there are a number of feature comprises.

According to Android Police, offline playback, extreme quality playback and Spotify Connect are the key restrictions which make way for an 85% app size reduction. Spotify Lite has only been rolled out in Brazil and is in beta stage, so we are still a long way from seeing the final application and its features. However, initial impressions suggest that the app will be important in Spotify’s battle with other digital service providers in emerging markets.

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