Spotify opens up podcast submissions to all users

Written by frtyfve Team

Users can now list their podcasts on Spotify

Spotify is opening up its podcast submissions to all users. In its latest move to ramp up Spotify Podcasts, the streaming giant will be accepting RSS feeds and making podcasts available to its 180 million monthly users. Spotify expects that the move will encourage a huge rise in the number of podcasts available through the service.

Spotify is offering vital analytics to users who upload their podcasts to the service, which will be handy for podcasters looking to monetise their efforts. Spotify has announced it will be offering daily stats about the user's listening demographic.

By increasing the popularity of podcasts, Spotify will increase the overall time spent on the platform, largely due to the greater length of an episode compared to a track. Whilst this opens up the potential to improved ad revenue, Spotify will be equally as excited about the financial gains available through branded content.

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