Spotify Singles Reaches 1 Billion Streams Milestone

Written by frtyfve Team

Spotify's exclusive studio singles have amassed a combined 1 billion streams

Spotify has proudly announced that it's exclusive Spotify Singles have picked up a combined total of 1 billion streams. In under two years, Spotify has shared 380 exclusive singles from over 185 artists.

In a press release, a statement read:

"At Spotify, we realized that helping you discover new music wasn’t enough: We wanted to have a hand in the creation of the next great hit. That’s why we created Spotify Singles, as a nod to the good ‘ol days of 45’s, b-sides, and CD singles. Recording these tracks also opens up the opportunity for artists from across genres to join us in our uniquely inspiring Studio to record a new take on one of their top songs, as well as a cover by their own favourite musician or group."

Check out the infographic below for a deeper insight into the 1 billion streams.

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