Spotify strikes deal with the BBC to offer the broadcaster’s podcasts to its users

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Spotify has announced that hundreds of BBC podcasts are now available to Spotify's UK users

Off the back of Spotify’s long-term partnership deal with Samsung, Spotify has announced that it has teamed up with the BBC to offer users access to the broadcaster’s podcasts.

Hundreds of BBC podcasts, including Desert Island Discs, can now be accessed by Spotify’s UK users.

Users can access the BBC titles via the ‘Podcasts’ section within Browse on Spotify. James Cator, Spotify’s Head of Podcast Partnerships, said: “The addition of BBC podcasts to our podcast library in the UK is a landmark moment for us here at Spotify. As one of the leading podcast platforms, we’re excited to be bringing such a wealth of additional, high-quality content on board, all of which is available to all UK Spotify users.”

While Spotify plans to branch out into mediums beyond music, the BBC has faced the threat of the growing influence of Spotify playlists. Despite this, it has made the decision to partner with the streaming giant to reach a new on-demand audience.

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