Spotify teams up with Festicket to offer tailor-made festival recommendations

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Spotify has teamed up with Festicket to offer users a new insight into the festivals best matched to their listening habits.

Spotify and Festicket have teamed up to help users find the music festivals matched to their tastes. Festival Finder will trawl listening data from user Spotify accounts, to form a tailor-made list of festival recommendations. Festival Finder aims to offer information on over 1,000 festivals worldwide, by showing users where their most-streamed artists are playing live.

Zack Sabban, CEO and co-founder of Festicket, says: “We know first-hand how overwhelming it can be when trying to pick out the one to go to.

“Our Festival Finder solves that problem by presenting a tailored list of festivals that best match your listening habits, including some under the radar gems that could soon become your new favourite festival destination.”

Festival Finder can be accessed on their website, where users will be provided with a list of personalised festival recommendations and will be able to buy tickets, accommodations and extras.

Dan Wong, product manager at Festicket believes the service is the start of a new way of festival browsing. “Our Festival Finder focuses on what people primarily go to festivals for: the music".

“This is the beginning of transforming Festicket’s extensive catalogue and expertise into an intelligent engine that helps festival goers with their journey of discovery. Expect cleverer and deeper ways to match festivals to personal tastes in future. Plugging in other services to gather more user preference points is definitely one of the options.”

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