Spotify unveils "The Game Plan", an educational source for artists

Written by frtyfve Team

Spotify’s “The Game Plan” features 10 episodes which offer artists advice on how to advance their careers.

Spotify has launched a new video series focussed on how to make the most of the streaming service. The first 10 episodes cover topics including “How to Read Your Data”, “Engaging Your Audience” and “Promoting Your Work”.

“The Game Plan” is Spotify’s latest move in developing its Spotify for Artists program, which offers data insights and best practice support, presented by ‘Spotify insiders and industry legends’. Effectively a creative FAQs series, “The Game Plan” illustrates Spotify’s desire to feed its artist community with the knowledge to prosper on the service.

Check out the first video here.

Spotify is increasing investment in its Spotify for Artists program

"The Game Plan" will be available on the Spotify for Artists platform, as well as on the Spotify for Artists YouTube page.

Spotify’s increased investment in supporting artist development through the program comes as the streaming market welcomes a new player. YouTube has just launched its YouTube Music streaming service, indicating its intention to become the top destination for music and video. With “The Game Plan”, Spotify will hope that artists will be encouraged to maximise the use of their streaming platform.

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