Spotify's new tool allows users to edit music data

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Spotify has launched a new tool which allows its users to suggest edits on its music data.

Line-In will allow Spotify users to offer music metadata suggestions which will enhance the understanding of how users interpret music on the platform. It is hoped that this development will support improvements to the user experience for artists and listeners, and give the streaming giant a competitive advantage.

According to Spotify’s statement, “some of the data categories listeners are invited to make suggestions for include: explicitness, genre, aliases, languages, mood, tags, artist roles, and external URLs.”

Spotify users can access the Line-In tool via the desktop application by clicking on the three dots next to an Artist, Album, or Song and selecting ‘Suggest an Edit’.

Users will then be taken to the Line-In web interface, which offers several attributes available to edit (pictured below). All edits submitted will be treated as suggestions, which will be assessed by Spotify and compared to others before being implemented.

Spotify's new tool allows users to edit music data

Spotify: Line-In Web Interface

Spotify first began testing Line-In with a sample of its user base last Autumn.

Over the past few months, we’ve confirmed our beliefs that listeners care deeply about the content on Spotify—they want the data to be useful and accurate,” said a Spotify spokesperson.

“We’ve also seen that listeners are eager to describe the music they’re passionate about in ways beyond traditional concepts like genre and mood,” they continued.

Through Line-In, Spotify is enlisting a passionate team of data editors who are keen to improve a smooth music streaming experience. If the move is well executed by Spotify’s editorial team, users will become more engaged in its community, front-end data sets will be improved and Spotify’s API will be greatly enhanced.

The development of Spotify’s API will also encourage further advancements of third-party music industry software.

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